6 Pillars of Well-Being

  Dr. Peter Reznik
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A course breaking down the 6 essential elements to living a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life. This journey of healing, self-discovery, and self-mastery will teach you to understand and thrive from the 6 Pillars of Well-Being:

1. Physical Reality

2. Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions

3. Social Conditioning

4. Unconscious Beliefs and Attitudes

5. Conscious Beliefs and Attitudes

6. Moral and Spiritual Reality 

-Discover the tools needed for your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Transformation.

-Learn the secrets of Nutrition and Exercise for your Unique Body-Type.

-Gain practical tools for dealing with negative Thoughts, and Feelings and Emotions.

-Identify your True Needs in life.

-Understand and if needed, alter your Conscious & Unconscious Beliefs and Attitudes About Life.

-Learn how to Let Go of Guilt, Anger, Regret, Jealousy, Greed, Doubt, Denial, Apathy, Fear, and Anxiety.

-Transform Your Judgment into Acceptance and Worry into Peace of Mind.

-Break the chain of Social Conditioning and Find Your Own Authentic Path.

-Explore and Re-Affirm your Moral Values, and venture into the World of Spirit.

-Chart The Course of your new life, with the tools to Be a Creator.

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You'll receive this 12-week course including 12 roughly 30-minute videos, along with weekly practice exercises.

Created from Dr. Reznik's 40+ years of research and experience.


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6 Pillars of Well-Being

6 ratings
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